" TAKATORI!! SHI-NE!!!! " - The immortal and ever-so-hunky Aya-sama *droolgrovel*


Waiii! Welcome to our *extremely* humble page of Weiß Insanity. ^^;; We are the no Mikos of all bishonen (paws off, girlies! Ken's MINE! :P - Jezko ) .... ( Aya's mine. So mlegh :P - Weiß Lily ), Weiß Lily and Jezko ... and that INCLUDES the Weiß (and Schwarz) guys. Ours! Mwahaha!!

And with THAT said, *Jezko glares sharply, and Weiß Lily smirks*, on to the stuff, under construction, yadda yadda.
Take it Omi!


Koneko Sumu Ie - Profiles, Info, Images, and all-around general shtuf.
Go see Youji before he smashes any more of Aya's roses, willya? -_-
Basement - Ken's basement studio, where he's currently pumpin'
out the tunage.
Screening Room - Otherwise known as Computer Goodies. Let Omi display all of
Lily's hard work to make your computer all the more Weißer!
The Balcony - A quiet, sunny place Aya utilizes to read, write,
and sometimes even draw. We help him, of course. :)

FAQ - Why are we so insane? Go here and find out, at your own risk.

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There is no legal stuff here. Heh. Aren't you tired of seeing it? Huh? HUH? PUNK?
Anyway, it's
here. We don't expect to get away scot-free with no wrist-slaps, no sirree Ken. :P


Am I ever! ^_^ thanks maverickgrrl