FAQ All you ever wanted (and didn't want) to know about us. ^o^


Q - Why are you two so insane?

A - 'CUZ WE ARE!!!! not that anime didn't have an impact.... :)


Q - What's the square root of 2000?

A - Weiß Lily: *screams at any reference to Math, and uses her evil Math binder with a chibi-SchuSchu on it as a shield*

Jezko: *crosses her arms, and nods her head to the reference, causing the onslaught of chibi-Weißes upon said target, paired with hysterical Kodachi laughter*


Q - Why the Ken and Aya obsessions?

A - waaaaah do we need to explain the extreme state of insanity in our brains? Well LOOK at them.. watch "Weiß Kreuz".... and then if you still don't like them... SHI-NE!!!!! Katanas and bugnuks to the rescue!


Q - Weiß Lily, I thought you were normal...

A - You THOUGHT, huh? well, I have two words for you - HOT CHOCOLATE. ^o^ And that, BTW, wasn't even a QUESTION.


Q - Okay, truthfully, now. Why the HELL did you make a page to Weiß?!! WHAT ABOUT KENSHIN?!!

A - Hey, watch your mouth! >_< I suppose it was the extreme AYA+KEN obsessions we harbour in our fuzzy little brains.

That and we're sick of seing sane Weiß sites. So why the hell not? Now GET OFF MY LAWN! >_<


Q - Lily's *moderately*normal, and Jezko's a tomboy? WHAT? WHY DO YOU TWO LIKE MEN, THEN?!

A - Jezko: HEY!! I'm perfectly okay with people calling me a tomboy, but Aya and KEN are !NOT! MEN!!!!!!











............. they're bishounen.


Q - Okay, okay. Don't yell.

A - Ask intelligent questions and we won't, mister. And that's not even a QUESTION~!


Q - Who wrote the original novel, "Catcher In The Rye"?

A - Someone we both hate a LOT.

... Takatori, of course. XD SHIIIIIIII-NE!!!!


A - Uh .... Weiß? o_O;


Q - Okay. You're both weird. We're leaving.

A - *blinkblink* Jell-o pudding what? *Jezko takes earphones out and Lily looks up from her AYA porfolio*

Sorry, we weren't listening.



Wahh!! Get Ken away! And I'm NOT AYA!! KYAAA!!!!!