KONEKO NO S.... Oops, I mean:

NEKO SUMI-... Dang!!

KONEKO NO SUMU-IE ...yeah. That's what I meant!

(hey, YOU try saying that a couple hundred times per minute!)


Here you shall find our insane little shrines to the greatest "Weiß Kreuz" characters... no, not Youji and Farfie! @_@ It's Aya and Ken, if you haven't guessed by NOW. Character profiles, insane ramblings, etc are all here.

*Weiß Lily chimes in* AND to our favorite Schwarz(es)! If you don't look at their [upcoming] shrines... well... we're not responsible for your safety or sanity. Mwahahaha!

Anyway, they're all under construction, beware of falling HTML, katanas or bugnuks, yadda yadda yadda.

Attack of the Killer Eartails - Weiß Lily's Aya Fujimiya Shrine

Bugnuk Central - Jezko's Ken Hidaka Shrine

Guardians of a Demon - our Schwarz shrine

Photo Album


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