Weiß Lily's VERY silly profile, in case you ever wanted to know:


Real Name: heh, don't even bother trying to spell or pronounce it ^_^;;; Just so you know, it's Russian. So PUU! /^o^\ Seriously, the short form of my name is Nadya, and that's what I write on all my drawings and stories, so I better be recognized.

Age: Old enough to know not to give it out :P

Hometown: TOKYO! (yeah right... I wish!!) Nope, not telling that either. :P

Favorite Color: B-L-U-E! And violet, and red, and black, and gold... basically any color on Aya!

Favorite Anime and/or Manga: "Rurouni Kenshin", "Weiß Kreuz", "Fushigi Yuugi", "R-AYA-earth" -- I mean "Rayearth", "Earthian", "Kanata-Kara".... basically ANYTHING with bishounen, romance, action and good plot in it!! (the bishounen should be preferably tall and red-haired... though I'll go for black or green hair too... oh what the heck)

Favorite Anime Characters: hmm, lemme see... Aya, Kenshin/Battousai/Shinta (spoiler? heh.. oopsy! Live with it!), Aya, Kaoru, Schuldig, Aya, Aoshi, Kenshin, Aya, Soujirou, Schuldig, Aya, Hiko Seijurou, Kenshin, Aya, Izark, Aya, Schuldig, Nuriko, Kenshin, Aya, Ken, Hotohori (did I mention he has AYA's seiyuu?), Ran, Aya.. no wait, they're the same person! (hey, I didn't spoil it, the "Weiß Kreuz" eyecatches did!), Ami, ChihAYA...... oh, I didn't forget Aya did I? *gasp*

Hobbies: Anime, manga, drawing, reading, writing stories, writing poetry, singing along to music, painting rocks, painting Aya on rocks (though I haven't done that yet... but I WILL!), collecting nature stuff, collecting Anime stuff.... ( She has a LOT ... save me *___* - Jezko ) did I mention drooling over bishounen?? LOL

Favorite Things: "Weiß Kreuz", AYA, Ken, Kenshin, Izark, red-haired assassins (yes including Schuldig), Aoshi, Soujirou, Hotohori, Nuriko, anime, obsessions, Titanic, cats, web-design, fantasy, anything to do with art, sci-fi, Star Trek, Russian books, and did I mention AYA?

Least Favorite Things: flame letters, closed-minded people, racists, mind-control, Russian communists, "Weiß Kreuz"-haters, Kenshin-haters, Schuldig-haters, Aya-haters (who? Where? Lemme at 'em!)

What do I look for in a guy?: red hair, ear-tails, huge earrings, black trenchcoats or samurai clothes, a bandana & shades on forehead, katanas, violet eyes, X-shaped scars, hidden tendencies to turn into monsters (oh wait, that's Izark) or mind-reading abilities (wait, that's Schuldig).... basically anyone who says "ORO" will do :P

*gets dragged off by Jezko*