My profile. Why do you even WANT this information? o_O;;;



Full Name: Jezko AKA Jessica

Age: 244. My fingers hurt ;_;

Hometown: My subconcious. KENSAMAAAAAAAAA!!

Weight? Height? : Nah. I'm skinny and weigh next to nothing, like the guys ^^;;; one thing we share in common? *not really... heh*

Do you have a boyfriend? : Yep. In my mind, it's Ken, but in RL ... well ... HEY! GET THAT FREAKIN' CAMERA OUTTA MY ROOM! >_<

Favorite Anime [ plural ^^;; ]: Anything having to do with the word "Bishounen". HAHA! Well, actually, Rurouni Kenshin (SANO!!!!), Weiß (KEN!!!!), and Saber Marionette J ( Uh... Hanagata? o_O; ) rate highly ... the ever-so-kickass Bubblegum Crisis being my fave, however ^^

Favorite Color: Many seem to get the impression it's pink *glares at her font color and shudders ~_~* but it's actually blue. Call me a Jessie-one-note if you will, but hey, it's the color of Ken's pants, so what's not to like? :P

What do you look for in a guy?: Bugnuks, Spikey Brown hair (with a read headband), and, preferrably, eartails. :P

What's your most memorable moment?: When I was 5. At that time, I didn't know jack about anime (or guys... COOTIES!!), but I did watch one show religiously--ASTRO BOY!! MWAH~~~! Even though this has nothing to do with this moment-- actually, I was 12, and I got my first Sailor Moon prisim card ^^ Kara-chan, you created a MONSTER, baby!

Who's your favorite anime guy?: Happosai. :P KEN, YOU MORON!

Who's your favorite anime girl?: Ken dressed up like Michiru ( in Weiß, episode one ^^ oops, spoiler! Too bad! )

Nicknames: Jez, the big J, Jessie, Jess, Jessi, Jessica, Jezzer-poo, Jezzers, Jezzer, Jezzerkochanwa, JEZZZZZZ, Jezzerkins, Jezzy, Jezzi, Jezzy-chan, and so on, and so forth *_*

Favorite things: Anime, Ken, Manga, Ken, Hangin' with my homies *YO!*, Ken, Weiß Music, Ken, Video Games, Ken, Rurouni KENshin, Ken, the color blue, Ken, the ocean, Ken, Dolphins, Ken, Peregrine Falcons, yaoi, Ken, BISHOUNEN (Ken), Ken, and Sanosuke (who looks like Ken). Hey... I forgot KEN~~! ;___; WAH! Just so it's clear;


Least Favorite Things: Scanning, Flame mails, Pink *shudder*, hypocrites, Lara Croft, Tifa, Rinoa, Toto (what a bimbo. Smarten up, Nagi!), shoujo anime, mecha anime (except Gundam, which rocks, because Hiiro's got Sanosuke's 'do, AND Ken's pants! Woohoo! :P hey... get your mind from the gutter), Schuldrich, and a whole bunch of other stuff.... oh yeah! Feminists! Did I mention how I hate feminists? (KEN)

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Auburn (KEN)

Eye Color: Green (KEN?!)

Hobbies: Drawing *ken*, listening to *ken's theme* music, reading *Weiß > Ken* manga, writing... stories, and getting outside. *_* I HATE captitvity... NO! NOT THE PADDED ROOM! ARGH!

If you could do one thing with this site, what would it be?: Shove Aya from the Weiß crew and give his badass leader bishounen spot to Ken. :P Hey, you gotta cut loose someTIME! *dragged off by Lily* @___@;;;


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