Wei▀ Lily and Jezko: Well, since this is Aya's personal hideout, we'll let him introduce this place. Ne, Aya-kun? Got anything to say?

Aya, basking in the sun, his eyes 'glued' to a pen & piece of paper: ......

Wei▀ Lily: Hey, what's that you're working on writing? Lemme see!

Jezko: HEY! That's an Aya X Ken fanfic! GIMME THAT!!!!

Wei▀ Lily: Well, while Aya and Jezko are fighting for that fanfic, I'll talk (and then sneak in and grab that fic right out from under their noses ^o^) This is where all artwork, and fanfiction, and poetry, and whatever other creative stuff we can think up, is collected. Despite our present silliness, our writings are actually pretty serious, that is, unless labelled with a sign that says "parody". Now you two, HAND OVER THAT FIC! *runs off into the cloud of dust where Aya & Jezko used to be*

Let's see what's lying around on this balcony:

THE SKETCHBOOK - all kinds of fanart-related stuff here - sketches, drawings, CG work...

THE PILE OF PAPER - despite its unorganized appearance, this is our collection of fanfics. It looks messy because we read it and add to it so often. :) Poetry is here too.

Click your heels together, and you'll end up BACK in the White Shadows...