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a strange team of four,

named to oppose the Endlessly Clear White,

they are the guardians of a demon,

carriers of superhuman abilities,

and assassins for their own reasons.

They are


("schwarz", in German, means "black")


...and man oh man, are they awesome!!! :)

Welcome to Jezko's and Weiß Lily's Shrine to the Schwarz - the bad boys of "Weiß Kreuz"! Once again, we declare them ours, mwahahaha! ^o^ Jezko claims Brad Crawford and Nagi Naoe, and Weiß Lily claims Schuldig. I guess YOU, the visitor to this shrine to darkness, are stuck with Farfarello. ^o^

Anyway, who the heck are these bishounen? (well... is Farfie a bishounen? Up to you I guess >:P ) In short, they're Takatori Reiji's bodyguards. That's where the name "Guardians of a Demon" comes from. Creative aren't we? ^_^; (*ahem* well the shrine title was mostly Lily's idea...)

If you click on the pictures below, you'll be taken to that character's mini-shrine, where you can find out all about him through our insane ramblings, whether you like it or not!

This page is under construction...blahblahblah. Ya know the drill.


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