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This is Weiß Lily's silly, chocolate-induced (for the most part) little shrine to the most gorgeous Schwarz ever, in her opinion at least. :)

He's got long, unruly red hair (in the anime at least). He's got bluish-green eyes. He's taller than Aya. He's German. He can read and control minds. Apparently, he also has super speed. He usually has a devilish I-told-you-so smirk on his face. He also has the most inconsistently spelled name. He wears a bandana and shades on his forehead. He's one of the Schwarz. He's ruthless and pretty much insane.

*wait a second while Lily faints, then regains her composure*

*Ahem*. May I present... SCHULDIG! Yes, that's how *I* spell that, and here, only my opinion matters. *demonic laugh* Erm, nevermind. Too many cups of hot chocolate today... :)

- INFO & RANTS - what the heck does Weiß Lily see in this redhead?

- IMAGES - looooook into his eeeyyyeeesss... ok, so they're not gorgeous purple like Aya's. So what? :P

- FAN-WORKS - fanfics, fanart.. you name it!

Check out the other Schwarz! They're just as cool!

Wah! Kowai! Ayaaaa, get me outta here!