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Name (according to Weiß Lily and her German dictionary): Schuldig

Name meaning, according to the German dictionary: "Guilty"

Other Common Spellings: Schuldich, Schuldrich, Schurdich, Schrdich, Schuldip

Weiß Lily's Nicknames for him: Schu-Schu, Schu-Schu-Schnookums (thanks Jezko!)

Other Nicknames Lily likes but can't claim credit for: Herr Slickmeister, Schu-Hunney

Age: about 22 years

Past: unknown

Country of Origin: Germany

Assassin Group: the Schwarz

Special Powers: Telepathy, mind-control, and apparently, super-speed

Seiyuu / Voice Actor: Hikaru Midorikawa


(I've tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but still, beware)

Ok, you may be wondering by now, what the heck do I see in this mind-controlling, smirking jerk? Well, you may have noticed by now that Weiß Lily tends to obsess over bishounen with red hair.... :)

*blinkblink* alright, alright. Silliness over.

Anyway, to tell the truth, at first I hated the guy. Sure I found his appearance drool-worthy, but I despised his personality. Nevermind his good looks, the mind-control thing made my blood boil in a non-nice way. Let's just say that because of my country's history, mind-control doesn't sit right with me, period.

Then I set myself a challenge to write a fanfic about him. Why? Because I wanted to dig deeper, to reach beyond that ever-present smirk on Schuldig's face, to understand what made Schuldig the way he is. And I found that the more I wrote, the more compelling I found this character. And of course, I found myself obsessing over him as much as I obsess over Aya. :) (shameless plug: here is the fanfic)

In truth, I feel there is more depth to this character than that smirk pasted on his face. Neither the anime, nor the manga, unfortunately, tell very much about him. Despite being the Youji of the Schwarz, Schuldig still remains somewhat distant, never letting anyone see more than one emotion play across his face. Yet he MUST have emotions, he is simply hiding them... why? It's like his smirk is a mask. (hence the name of this shrine, BTW) What hurt him so much, that he dares not to get close to anyone again? I attempted to answer that question in my fanfic, but really, I have only scratched the surface.

In a way, he's fundamentally a lot like Aya, and he probably doesn't even realize it. Both men are distant from others - Aya is simply cold, and (almost) never smiles, and while Schuldig likes to tease and crack jokes, did you notice he never really smiles either? Aya had a traumatic past, and so must Schuldig, otherwise he wouldn't be as messed up as he is, right? (I also dealt with that in my fanfic, but once again, I only scratched the surface)

Now, whereas Aya does learn how to get his smile back occasionally, we never see that happen to Schuldig. (that is, once again, fanfic territory. ^_^ Not my fic though...although I might write more) What is in the redhead's future? After the disappearance of the Schwarz at the end of the TV series, I don't think we find out anything more about Schu-Schu, or the rest of them. But although Schuldig is ruthless, I don't believe he's cold-hearted. In fact, if given the opportunity, I believe he may change for the better... will we ever see him truly smile? That's up to the makers of the upcoming Schwarz Drama CDs, fanartists and fanfic writers, I suppose!


Yaoi. Don't know what that is? Basically, it's a category of stories. A yaoi story is a story two men in love, and usually in an intimate situation. There are great yaoi/shonen-ai anime/manga series such as "Earthian" (one of my fav series). A lot of anime fans tend to see yaoi when there is none in a series, and therefore pair up all male characters they see. ^_^ Heck, I understand completely - it's fun to write about!

Well, I personally keep open-minded about these things. Even though I'm straight, I like stories about ANY kind of relationship, heterosexual or homosexual, as long as the story is romantic, loving and makes sense. I personally hate any kind of stories written ONLY for the sole purpose of sticking characters in bed together. @_@;;

So, what does this have to do with Schu-Schu?

Well, let's face it. Schu-Schu HAS been known to put an arm around a guy occasionally, but mostly for taunting purposes. That gives fanfic-writers and fanartists ideas... And as far as fanfics go, he seems to get around almost as much as Aya. :P Though the most popular pairing seems to be Schu-Schu x Crawford.

So what is MY opinion on all this? I think that even though Schu-Schu does look good with Crawford, if I had to set him up with another "Weiß Kreuz" character, he would belong with Aya. ^o^ Hang on, I'll explain why. Remember what I said about Aya and Schuldig being more similar than they think? Well... first of all, all that gorgeous red hair. ^o^ All silliness aside though, I'd love to see a fanfic or fanart (though I attempted that) in which these non-smiling men make each other truly smile.

Do I really think Schu-Schu is gay in the anime/manga? Heck no. I don't think ANY of the characters are. (if they were, they'd be all over each other by now... I mean come on, they're all irresistible bishounen! :P~~~ ) Why, then, does Schuldig put his arm around Crawford's and Aya's shoulders occasionally? Very simple explanation - he knows it drives them nuts, so he does it to taunt them. :)

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