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What? No, this isn't a shrine to that girl with eartails from episode 3! What were you thinking? This is a shrine to the one and only AYA- / RAN-SAMA, made by his unofficial Miko, Weiß Lily, who had one too many cups of hot chocolate one day! "Choco, choco!" --No wait, that was Chibi-Signal from "Twin Signal"... wrong chibi-character!

Jezko sez: "So finish your Aecerola juice and come with us on a magical romp in the land of ... EARTAILS!!!"

(Save your eartails!)

- Meet the Man with the Eartails
- Who else dares to have eartails?
- Drool over... I mean calmly admire the Red-Haired One, who ISN'T Kenshin or Schuldrich!
- Creative things to do with Aya... (get your mind OUT of that gutter!)
- Cats have eartails too...well, sorta!
- What would happen if...

Back to the Shadows

"Ken, SAVE ME from that red-haired freak with scissors!"