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Weiß Lily: "Come on, come on Ayan... come out from behind that stage curtain and show us your eartails! Don't make me get Schuldig with the scissors!"

Aya, coming out into the spotlight, holding his hands by his ears so no one can get to the eartails: "Happy?"

Weiß Lily, sighing: "I guess this will have to do..." (calling someone offstage) "Oh, Schu-Schuuuu!!"

Aya: "Alright alright!" (he lets go of his eartails and stands in the spotlight) "What now?"

Schuldig, hopping on stage, huge scissors in hand: "Did I hear someone calling me?"

*shrug* ok, from this point on, this page will be somewhat serious. Be warned - there may be spoilers lurking ahead! Proceed at your own risk!!!


AYA FUJIMIYA: A Killer's Profile

"Neither devil nor death,

I am just a murder"

(well, that's what the eyecatch thingy said on the show! This is where I'm getting most of the info from.)

Name: Aya Fujimiya

Real Name: Ran Fujimiya

Codename: Abyssinian

Age: about 20 years

Gender: male (I should hope so!!)

Birthday: July 4th

Living Family: his sister, Aya (who is in a coma)

Image Flower: Rose

Occupation: Being a florist; leading the Weiß

Weapon: katana sword

Likes: money

Dislikes: authority figures, Takatori

Voice Actor (Seiyuu): Koyasu Takehito

Aya's outward appearance is (besides being drop-dead gorgeous) at first glance, cold. He is a secretive, reserved, silent young man, whose narrow violet eyes seem older than his face... But don't let his icy demeanor fool you - as it often is with people like that, behind the indifferent mask lies a wounded, naive soul. He knows the battlefield very well, but stumbles clumsily when it comes to affairs of the heart. Even around the Weiß, his friends, he is distant and will not admit his fears. Perhaps he fears that if he truly becomes close to someone, something terrible might happen that will leave him hurting?

He will take any mission for money - but not because of greed and bloodthirst, but because he needs to pay his sister's hospital bills. She was hit by Reiji Takatori's car a few years before, and has since been in a deep coma at the Magic Bus Hospital (no, that's not Lily's joke ^_^;). She is the only family left in his world. He even inadvertently took his sister's name because it reminded him of her, and had forsaken his own name, Ran... But now that he kills people under the name of one he loves, he comes to the painful realization that he can't look his sister, Aya-chan, in the face anymore, but he cannot go back and take his own name again either...

Aya is a strong leader for the Weiß, but not entirely by choice. He kills those who threaten peace, for the sake of all good that is left in the world, for its future. His nerves of steel make it hard for someone to upset him, but there is one family that will make Aya forget everything else in primal, vengeful rage - the Takatori family...

In short, there is much lurking in the depths of Aya's icy eyes - the windows to his soul. Be sure to take a good long look into them before you dismiss him as just a cold-hearted jerk.

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