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Youji, looking at the mess of pictures strewn on the floor: .....You call this an album? o_O;

Weiß Lily: ok, ok... so it's only a humble collection of


...and right now, almost all are from the Gakken Mook Animedia Special TV series Artbook. ^_^;

Hey, Weiß Lily spent a lot of time scanning these from her poor artbook, so you better be nice and not steal these images without telling her!


ahh, now if we only knew what the text said... ;_;



Just ones of Braddybrad and SchuSchu-schnookums here. Weiß Lily isn't going to bend her artbook out of shape scanning Farfie and Nagi just yet. :P Though Farfie in a suit-&-tie IS a sight you don't see every day...


INSIDE FLAP OF THE BOOK:, don't ask. ^_^;;


gomennasai, no thumbnails here. Just Weiß Lily's silly comments. :)

- Young Aya collage. Isn't he a cutie? (well of course he is, this is Ayan we're talking about! :P )

- Aya at the beach. Does the guy EVER relax and take that scowl off his face? O_O;

- Aya with a bouquet of roses. Aww, Aya-kun, are these all for ME? You shouldn't have... :)

- The guys, singing their hearts out. Sorry, no Omi here. Lily doesn't want to break her book scanning him too. :P

- Ken and Youji. Um, ignore that blue eye and half-mouth up there, those belong to Omi, who didn't get scanned.

- Aya and Omi, Schwarz in background. Lily dang near broke her book trying to scan all of this picture. O_O;

- Brad and Schu-Schu, lookin' good. Everybody, grab your drool-buckets! LOL (um, just ignore that half of Farfie there)

- Schu-Schu, shirtless. Once again, ignore Farfie, and excuse Lily while she faints. :)


Thanks Cecille-san for these card scans!

- Aya card

- Ken card

- Omi card

- Youji card

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