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Jezko: "Ladies and gentlemen! And Youji.

Youji "Hey! *mumblemumble*"

Jezko: "May I present to you, the finest thing to come out of Tokyo since the PlayStation2, KEEEEEN HIDAKA!! *stopped by Omi* What?"

Omi: " You're not gonna like this... *whisperwhisper* "

Jezko, with a MONSTEROUS sweatdrop: "Heh... um, it seems Ken is ... busy, right now. So he can't come out."

Youji: " Of the closet? WE could've told you that. *gigglesnort* "

Jezko: " _ ANYWAY... it seems we gotta give your vitals without El Bugnukerero, so here goes. "

Omi: " Atashi mou! *Me too!* ^o^ "

Okay, spoilers and useless stuff abounds here, so don't bitch at me about it.


KEN HIDAKA: The Profile of The Vengeful

"It's too late to

confess now... "


Name: Ken Hidaka

Voice Seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu

Codename: Siberian

Age: about 19 years

Gender: male (Is he ever)

Birthday: December 23rd

Image Flower: Short-stemmed Gentian

Occupation: Florist/Assassin

Weapon: Bugnuk [ Brown Leather gloves with retractable Claws ]

Likes: Soccer, Children ( who call him Ken-Niichan ^^ )

Dislikes: Liars

At first glance, Ken seems like an average young man--interested in sports, girls, somewhat naive and easy to anger. But, what makes Ken such a fascinating character is in fact when you look past the adorable appearance and delve into the intricate wirings of balance and imbalance which is so intriguing to many of us.

Ken's character is indeed a memorable one, due to three contributing factors. 1, His seemingly unbreakable faith in those around him, 2, His adaptability ( FLORISM, PEOPLE! COME ON!! ), 3, And the all-around practical nature that comes with paired with outdoorsy. Bah. Ken's faith is proven in episode 4; Kase, a long-time friend whom turns out to be a plain-faced liar, cooks up a plan to have Ken assassinated so he may inherit the stocks of his prior employer, who he had killed to frame Mr. Hidaka. Although warned before, Ken believed in Kase until the very end, before he killed Kase before he could re-start the potentially dangerous Creepers gang.

When you think about it, a lot must be going through his head during the course of the series. He's idolized *by the flowershop girls ...and MEEEEE*, hated, marked for death, and has no real life. But still, he manages to find the strength to struggle through the everyday. THAT is character base, people.

So much lies under the goggles and bugnuks... but before you dismiss Ken as your "typical jock", you should look at him from an objective point of view. :-) It's worth it.

These boots were made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do...